Sunday, May 01, 2005

Poem #1: Light & Love

Minggu lalu, salah satu temen LaaTahzan, ngirim puisi ke milist. Dan yang lebih okeh lagi, puisi itu bikinan sendiri. Mhmmnn... keren benerrrr nggak sich..:-). Give applause to Ustadz FJ. Plok...Plok...Plok... Ditunggu ya, karya karya selanjutnya... Buat Ustadz dan Ustadzah lainnya..ayo dunk...Jangan mau kalah yach untuk kemajuan dan kebaikan..

Light & Love
By Ust.FJ

It is so sweet and warm,
When passion is around,

It feels like,
No mountain is too high,
No distance can't be passed,

But why ?
It hurts again.
Anguish is coming back.
Rage explodes.
In the dark,

Was it love,
or was it an illusion.
A soul searching for something,
to fill the hole in my heart.

Then You spoke to me,
through Your loved ones,
messengers and saints.
to walk the path of love.

Care for the elder,
Passion for the younger,
Feed the hunger,
Help the needy,
Free the slaves,
Fight the injustice,
Throw the tyrant,
Preserve the humanity,
Save the nature.

You said,
It won't be a journey,
with flowers and leisures.
But with patience and perseverance,
Controlling lusts and desires,
Through honesty and sincerity,
That I will find true love,
somewhere along the path.
An eternal one.

With ups and downs,
doubts and reaffirmations,
Covers are fallen,
One after the other.
Light shines through,
Sight is illuminated,
A true love is tasted.
A state of peacefulness,
and tranquility.

All praise to You,
the light, the love,
the one and only.

O Light, O Love,
Please keep guiding me,
and helping me,
with my imperfection,
to stay on the path of love...

Ustadz FJ, Puisinya keren banget, bagi bagi dunk ilmunya...:-)

Posted by Nopee for LaaTahzan


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